An electric idea from some very bright sparks

Beep beep beep beep beep beep. If you’ve ever been woken up by the sound of your mobile phone running out of battery, you’ll realise that the aforementioned sound is not only the most irritating noise in the world at 3:30 am, but also representative of the number of expletives you’re likely to emit as you curse your phone from across the room.


But fear not sleep-loving friends – the power of technology has come to save us. Wi-Tricity is here. Like its forefather (as far as name goes) Wi-Fi, Wi-Tricity is electricity without wires. Which means you can charge up your electrical devices without wires. Without plugging in. By power of magic.


Well, almost magic... Wi-Tricity works by picking up very specific resonances of power from a nearby Wi-Tricity power emitter.

Wi-Tricity devices are expected to become the stars of this year’s upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the biggest electronics expo in the world. At the moment, the technology has only got as far as mobile-phone sized devices being charged up when placed on or near Wi-Tricity boards, but hopes are high that sometime in the future entire rooms and buildings will have Wi-Tricity – much in the same way as Wi-Fi works now – so that you could simply walk into a building clutching your laptop and it would recharge automatically.Pretty amazing stuff!

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