Crisp to defy crunch?

Walkers have finally announced the shortlist for their long-running find-a-new-crisp-flavour competition, and, my my, what a list it is. Top of the bizarre stakes is the rather nuts-sounding Cajun squirrel.So, will this crisp be enough to help Walkers defy the crunch?Let’s look at the facts (providing that we can take the term “facts” loosely enough to also include opinion and speculation).Firstly, the flavour itself is bound to generate publicity. If anyone else can name me a tree-climbing rodent-flavoured mass-market snack in this part of the world, I’ll give them a tenner. So, PR, tick.Secondly, the fact that the flavour is consumer-created and that the whole campaign has been consumer-led is a canny, albeit well-used, marketing move. Consumers typically love the chance to get involved, and this branding exercise has tightened the bond between Walkers-the-corporation and their customers. No doubt this more intertwined and closely meshed symbiosis will generate happy love-feelings amongst Walkers-customers everywhere.Thirdly, it's safe to assume that a flurry of not-so-regular crisp-eaters will buy up lots of the new flavour either for novelty value, because they have been unashamedly influenced by the marketing of the campaign, out of sheer curiosity, or because they genuinely like squirrel.Fourthly, Walkers are likely to create a sizeable new market amongst squirrel-haters everywhere, who have had their beloved lawns destroyed and corrupted for years by the vile little hairballs and now, with the power of wishful thinking, will have their ire soothed by the thought that they have just bought a packet of crisps that necessitated the death of seven squirrels.So, all round, we likes it. Daring, original flavour, guaranteed to whip up a PR storm and please customers. Well done squirrel-cookers.(Image: Darragh Sherwin at flickr)

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