Happy New Year!

Well well well, 2008 saw the advent of some great new businesses, and we’re hopeful that 2009 will welcome even more. You see, recessions, my friends, whilst the bane of almost everyone else’s lives, tend to foster lots of lovely little new business babies. So we entrepreneurs love them. Well, not love them, exactly – but we see the silver lining.

Both the previous two recessions saw an increase in the number of small businesses, the government is pumping a cool £1 billion into encouraging SMEs and good old Mandelson and Brown are by no means the only politicians banging on about how important small businesses are for the economy (making up 90% of it, don’cha know).

And the reasons for the pick-up at times like these is that with so many people newly unemployed but laden with skills, those great business ideas that you’ve been holding in the back of your mind but just haven’t quite yet been started on are now given a massive expanse of your time and attention to expand into. With no job on the line to detract from, people take the plunge. (And with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development predicting a whopping 600,000 more jobs going across the UK this year, that’s really just as well, otherwise God knows what they’d all do.)

And good for them that they do. It’s business starters that get the economy going again, and the necessity of boot-strapping means that these will be some of the most financially robust companies once things get going again. It’s always invaluable for your start-as-you-mean-to-go-on ethic to be keeping overheads and costs as absolutely low as possible.

So – here’s to 2009, here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to all the entrepreneurs that make the world go round. Hurrah!

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