Advertising in print gives the best return, say new figures

Even though we wrote about it, last week's findings that businesses are now spending more promoting themselves online than they are on television advertising came as little surprise to those in the know - the outcome was so predictable, in fact, that one blogger managed to fairly accurately forecast it back in January 2008. And they didn't even use a crystal ball.

Another report on advertising, though, has yielded less anticipated results: according to figures out today, it turns out when it comes to return on investment (ROI), you can't beat advertising in print.
Even more surprising is who the report is by: the Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA) - they of the billboards and tube posters. And, more to the point, direct competitors to print media.

The figures, though, appear to speak for themselves. For every £1 retailers spend advertising in newspapers or magazines, they get a £6.23 return. Compare that to £3.57 for TV and outdoor advertising, and just £2.23 online - although it's worth noting that this was only for 'bricks and mortar' retailers.

Of course, the results could be down to the fact the recession has seen a collapse in demand for print advertising, with many businesses opting to go for the more quantifiable - and therefore justifiable - online option. This has forced many publishers to slash their prices or accept low offers from potential advertisers.

Sadly for businesses, though, while print advertising prices may never fully recover, they are still likely to rise above the record lows we have seen over the past few months. If a 600% ROI is enough to convince you, Smarta suggests you get in there fast.

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