The All-Stars of tomorrow

Many people overlook how much business acumen they pick up in everyday life. Stretching out a pay packet in those longer months, organising a big group of mates to make a trip to the other side of the world, setting up and managing the finances of a sports team – all require core business skills (budgeting, project management, and using initiative and bookkeeping respectively).

Sport is, in fact, one of those areas where would-be entrepreneurs flourish, often without realising it. Organising, motivating, leading and managing teams imbues you with a good dose of the skills needed to run a business. So it was with much enthusiasm that Smarta went last night to the Swiss Embassy for the inauguration of this year’s BBC Your Game All-Stars.

These eight 16-25-year-olds have been chosen from thousands across the UK to head up the programme, which is all about promoting social inclusion, training and opportunities for young people through sport, music and media.

Your Game has organised festivals in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Hull and London to bring young people together and showcase the huge range of training, educational and employment opportunities available to them. To a background of football games, hip hop and graffiti, young people from less well-off areas were introduced to new possibilities in life and given avenues into training that could well one day see many of them running their own businesses.

The eight All-Stars chosen by the BBC and the Swiss Embassy who we met last night have won the chance to do an apprenticeship in Switzerland to showcase how businesses work with young people and to develop their skill sets. And all of them that we spoke are planning to run their own business in the future – or are doing so now.

Ex-offender All-Star Theone Coleman from Bournemouth, for example, is already running her own social enterprise, offering recording equipment to young people.

It’s great to see initiatives such as Your Game encouraging young people into entrepreneurship and helping foster the skills they need to make it a success. We hope to see more of the same soon, and wish all the All-Stars the greatest of success in the future and over in Switzerland.

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