Twitter Lists is twotally twerrific

Twitter just got a whole lot fitter. You can now create a ‘List’: a group of certain people you follow, that other people can view as one stream and choose to follow all with one click.

So you might discover a ‘Friendly PRs’ or ‘Useful suppliers’ list, or ‘Good developers’, or ‘Retail news sources’. You might even create such a list yourself to help fellow business owners navigate and capitalise on the Twittersphere.

What this means is that Twitter is going to get a whole lot more useful and interesting – even for you current Twillistines out there (yeh, that’s right, you really can add TW to the start of any word – although we concede it may not endear you to said website). You don’t have to trawl through profiles to find the type of people you want to any more. You can simply get a ready-made list of recommendations, from people you trust (or at least like enough to keep up with 140-character snippets of their life).

Uber-blogger Robert Scoble has written a fantastic account of Lists that would make a mockery of us should we try to emulate it, so check that out for more detail on the pros, cons and impacts of Twitter’s latest.

It’s super-easy to create a list. You just search for someone’s name and tick a box. (It all ran very smoothly today when we tried it out, despite the fact every man and his dog must be creating ‘Other men and their dogs’ lists today in the frenzy that is a new Twitter function. A couple of times Twitter got a bit knackered and said it couldn’t find a person we knew existed, but we got round it by going straight to their profile and adding them to the list there.)

And so we present you our list of the best small business resources on Twitter. We have to point out that this is just the very beginning of the list and we fully intend to add to it with your input, so please do make more recommendations in comments below, or by tweeting us @smartaHQ. We’ve stuck to organisations rather than individuals for now, but rest assured we’ll be knocking up a few top entrepreneurs lists before you can say ‘Tweetmeme’ (or at least in the next couple of weeks).

Here’s a glimpse of our list to tempt the twynical among you (...fine, maybe the TW thing doesn’t always work):


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