Bright idea: Sarah's Smash Shack

Name: Sarah's Smash Shack

Launched: Oh, ages ago

Oh. Why are we talking about it, then?
Because we've just discovered one of the best business concepts we've ever heard of has announced its sad demise. We're want to take a moment to lament its departure. O, Sarah's Smash Shack. We hadn't even set foot through your doors...

Try to pull yourself together. What was it?
Orwellian in its conception, Freudian in its execution, Sarah's Smash Shack combined the raw power of rage with a deep-seated, primeval desire to smash the bejesus out of stuff.

So Smash Shack customers paid to smash tableware against walls.
Yes, pretty much.

I see. Isn't that a bit dangerous?
It would be, yes, but Smash Shack's creator, San Diego resident Sarah Lavely, took all the necessary precautions: each private 'break room' (see what she did there?) was soundproofed and had a chest-height barrier to prevent customers from being injured by flying porcelain. Customers also had to wear overalls and safety glasses - so on the whole, it was quite safety-conscious.

That's a genius idea! Where did it come from?
Lavely said it came to her while she was going through a difficult divorce, when she was compelled to 'go and break some stuff'. "I wished there was someplace I could go and just do that, go nuts," she told a website. "I was sure other people felt like that at times, and I thought I should open a shop where you could do that."

So what happened?
Difficult to say. All we're left with is a website, which bears the message 'Our San Diego store is now closed... we are taking the Smash Shack in a new direction'. It's all terribly cryptic.

Hmm. I still don't really understand why we're talking about it.
Because we're sad it's gone. And because for us, it was an embodiment of the theory that ideas can come from anywhere.

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