Doing it for the kids

Working out who to entrust our money with seems to be a bit of a challenge at the moment: with property prices on the wane, the stock market looking decidedly wobbly and banks losing cash hand over fist, short of stuffing it under the floorboards, there isn’t really anywhere secure to put our money.

Still, though. The markets may be dodgy, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting rash about it – unlike, for example, young entrepreneur organisation Make Your Mark, which has taken the radical step of entrusting 20,000 teenagers with its cash.

I’m embellishing slightly – the group has actually launched its Make Your Mark With a Tenner campaign, which gives teenagers £10 at the beginning of the month and challenges them to go out and make a profit while making a social impact.

The campaign is backed by entrepreneurs including Smarta favourites Oli Barrett, Michelle Dewberry and Michael and Xochi Birch, as well as Dragon Peter Jones and TV presenter June Sarpong.

During last year’s campaign, the average profit on the tenner was £90, while one person made more than £400. The campaign also encourages participants to club together – last year, one group of five made £1,000.

If you want to get involved, there’s still time. Check the MYM website for more details.

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