Let it snow

As buses and trains ground to a halt and the yoofs down Smarta’s road prowled for unsuspecting snowball victims, an estimated 6.4 million employees got dressed for work, peeked outside, thought ‘sod it’, and decided to go tobogganing instead.

Smarta suggests this may be the time for businesses feeling somewhat left in the lurch by a public transport system which collapses after a dusting of snow to embrace 2009’s most useful trend: cloud computing.

Working in the cloud has a number of useful connotations, not least that you can access your files wherever you are: on holiday, on someone else’s computer – even stuck under half an inch of snow.

With that in mind, we’ve rustled together our top five ‘working from home’ resources: the weather need never let you down again.

  1. Huddle – online collaborative workspaces and our favourite cloud computing site. Create a workspace, upload files, and invite other team members to edit and collaborate on their own.
  2. Skype – save money on employees’ phone calls when they’re working from home.
  3. Twitter – yes, we know we go on about it, but it’s very, very useful. Trust us.
  4. Rememberthemilk – online task management. Create your to do lists and access them from wherever you are.
  5. Yousendit – bypass email attachment limits to send large files to employees or co-workers.
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