Selling to the millions - no, wait, actually - to the few

Some people can spot a business opportunity anywhere.

From the sub-culture of the sub-culture (providing Twitter can still just about be called a sub-culture) come - TWITTER NECKLACES.

Who would've thought that anyone would look at the world of this just-about-to-make-it-massive social media hub and have the enterprising idea of creating a necklace with the word 'Twitterati' dangling from it, like the weird yet strangely cool chick at school hanging naked from the stage at an end-of-year disco?

CouchObjects. Business genius, faddy microtrend, or both? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure (kind of) - people who love to love being part of the Twittery thing that not everyone is yet part of will most certainly love to love the secret insider-jokeness of the necklaces.

And to the 254 people already following CouchObjects (all, of course, prime target customers), at up to $20 a pop, mass marketing to the sub-culture ain't so stoopid, after all.

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