Is this really it?

Well, gosh. Just how does he do it?

Yesterday, the King of Pop came one step closer to proving he is also be the King of Publicity when he managed to gather thousands of fans who waited patiently for a very, very long time only to receive what cynics might call a disappointingly fleeting glimpse of their hero.

At Smarta, though, we’re all about the hard business side of things – so we thought it would be prudent to take a look at the numbers behind the excitement to provide an analytical look at, well, just how he did it.

  • 7,000: The number of screaming fans who gathered at the O2 Arena yesterday afternoon
  • 96: the number of minutes Michael kept said fans waiting
  • 3.28: the number of minutes he was onstage
  • 111: The number of words in his speech
  • $200,000,000: Michael Jackson’s alledged debts
  • $400,000,000: The amount the 10 dates in London’s O2 Arena could gross
  • 16,000: The number of hits ticket website was receiving per minute after last night’s press conference

If the buzz doesn’t die down, it looks as if Jacko could be set to make a failry hefty of cash from his live dates - but with figures like that, we’re not convinced the King of Pop’s claim that ‘this is it’ entirely adds up.

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