Post office turns social enterprise

We all know a hands-on approach to the community is important when you’re running a business, but Smarta is particularly impressed by the community spirit shown by one shop owner in the Gloucestershire village of Joys Green.

Yvonne Froud, who owns the post office in the village, has reduced littering in the local area by nearly 40% by marking every chocolate bar, packet of crisps and canned drink bought by young customers with their name in black marker pen, making those who litter easily identifiable.

If she discovers someone has been littering, she imposes a punishment: litter louts can choose between a lifetime ban from the post office (not fun if you’re ten) or ‘community service’ – picking up rubbish.

We love the idea of a local Post Office turned social enterprise, but we think Ms Froud may have been crossing the line between community spirit and plain patronising when she was quoted as saying: “I will have to do it with adults if they start littering too.”

Image: Hans van Reenen at flickr

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