Turning news into T-shirts

Here’s a little example of how to make an uber-quick buck by a speedy response to current news.

If you’ve been following the University Challenge scandal – yes, that’s right, scandal – you’ll know about the tragic prize-taking-away that befell the lovely Gail Trimble.  (If you want to find out more about that, by the by, look out for the soon-to-come Smart Bite Rubbish week for...)

If you don’t know Gail, look at the front page of today’s Telegraph, or inside the first few pages of any of the nationals, for that matter. She’s the “intellectual blitzkrieg” who has been declared the most intelligent person to be on the show.

And with over 2,000 members already in her appreciation club on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before some bright spark picked up on a business opportunity. (And, just to clear things up, we’re not talking about the offer of a Nuts photo-shoot that would have no doubt shifted copies, had there been but a single molecule of possibility in the entire Milky Way that she actually would have ‘got her kit off for the lads’.)

The result, then, is a range of ‘I love Gail Trimble’ T-shirts by Fobobo, being sold through Spreadshirt. (Incidentally, disruptive T-shirt manufacturer Spreadshirt is worth a look itself for the way it enables users to create and sell their own designs at no risk – but making money from commission each time a T-shirt is sold.) Nicely picking up on national press coverage, and potentially appealing on the more than 5.3m people who tuned in to watch the final.

Just goes to show that some people can find a business opportunity anywhere.

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