A lesson in bad PR from a PR company

We’ll admit we often grapple for a matter of, umm, minutes, extracting the business angle from press releases aimed our way. No such panic with this beauty that landed in the Smarta inbox smoking like an impatient grenade.

Wow, where to start? The perfect example of bad PR from a PR company? Why not to let emotion cloud business judgement? How to lose friends and alienate people? How to commit commercial suicide?

OK, so being left high and dry by a client is no laughing matter, but taking public pleasure in another’s insolvency? Ouch. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down.

Just to check we weren’t making a bigger misjudgement than Karen Berman herself, we consulted a nice sensible, calm entrepreneur who told us: “This is so very petty. Having seen this, if I was looking for PR I’d avoid her like the plague.”

Guess sometimes you just have to grin and bear bad news – but you’d have thought a PR company would know that...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Katie Jacobs <katie@kbcpr.com>
Date: Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 10:33 AM
Subject: Lianne Miller's company Young and Pure made insolvent at the High Court


Young and Pure made insolvent at the High Court

Young and Pure Limited, the Company founded and run by the self-acclaimed “entrepreneur” Lianne Miller to develop the first natural skincare range for teenagers,  was compulsorily liquidated by the Court on 1st April 2009 following the presentation of a winding-up petition earlier in the year by one of its many creditors. The Court will now appoint the Official Receiver to investigate. The Company’s liquidation is likely to leave a trail of hundreds and thousands of pounds of unpaid bills to those small companies that believed in and supported Mrs Miller from the beginning.
It is understood that Young and Pure Limited owes significant sums to numerous creditors. In fact, over fifteen creditors have come forward in the past six months and revealed that Mrs Miller has withheld, and in most cases refused, payment despite having contractual obligations to do so.

The largest creditor is believed to be the Karen Berman Consultancy, who played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Young and Pure brand in terms of press and public relations. The Karen Berman Consultancy penned the title of ‘Green Teen Guru’, a phrase used often by Mrs Miller and one that is well known in her industry. The Karen Berman Consultancy obtained Judgment against Young and Pure Limited for just over £11,000. It is understood that it is owed a further £7,000 in notice payments. It now looks unlikely that money will be recovered.
Mrs Miller, who appeared in BBC 3’s reality TV programme  The Last Millionaire earlier this year, is still advertising and promoting her services as an after-dinner entrepreneurial speaker and business mentor (both locally in Suffolk where she resides and nationally). This despite the fact that her business is insolvent and has failed to pay its creditors for some time.   
Karen Berman Consultancy has reluctantly issued this press release, as it is a matter of great public interest and given the high-profile coverage that Mrs Miller and her company Young and Pure Limited have received.
Contact the Karen Berman Consultancy for further information:
Karen Berman – 020 8959 2374 / karen@kbcpr.com

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