Bra-vo after victory in M&S campaign

It’s been a long fight (some might call it a bra-wl), but in what is being hailed as a coup for ample-bosomed women everywhere, lingerie staple Marks and Spencer has finally relented and lowered its prices for bras with cup sizes over DD.

Following the Evening Standard in what appears to be a trend of remorseful advertisers, the company has taken out an ad in papers proclaiming ‘We boobed’. “We were wrong,” it declares. “The storm in a D cup is over!”

Smarta knows this is a great lesson in fair pricing policy, treating all your customers (bust-omers?) equally, etc etc, but to be honest, we think Page 3 girl (and now consumer expert) Keeley Hazell and ‘friend’ Rosie Jones have said it all in this morning’s Sun, which takes all the credit for the victory, even going as far as to call today ‘DD-Day’.

“As a customer, you like to feel valued, and the fact that they have listened to us proves we mean a lot,” opined Rosie, while orator Keeley added: “It’s great that a businessman like Sir Start Rose is not afraid to admit when he’s made a mistake – that’s why he’s so successful I guess.”

So there we have it, readers – business lessons from Page 3. If only there was some way to find out whether the ‘tabloid treasures’ have an opinion on the hike in business rates – or even quantitative easing. It could be quite, um, titillating.

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