Business seduces the yoof

With the recession bearing down on us and the stock market going a little bit haywire, it seems running a business is a little bit more exciting than it used to be. So exciting, in fact, that a new survey has found entrepreneurs are the most aspirational role models around.

The study, published by Standard Life, found a quarter of 18-25 year olds want to be a business leader such as Alan Sugar or Richard Branson, with just 9% saying they wanted to be famous.

Smarta knows The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den have made the business world a bit more accessible, but we’re pretty sure there are other factors at work here.

With graduate recruitment at an all-time low, perhaps the recession has forced school- and college-leavers to reassess their options.

Or perhaps the old adage that ‘business is the new rock’n’roll’ is finally catching on. 

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