Get a free, hard-working and super-bright 'entern' for the summer

Want an extra pair of hands around the place for summer, free of charge, full of ideas and ambition and energy? Course you do. Introducing the entern – interns who are wannabe entrepreneurs and all fired up about getting experience with a startup.

Enternships has just launched to match up said enterns with innovative small businesses and in other entrepreneurial environments such as venture firms. Placements have already led to jobs, so you could well be landing yourself with a future star employee if you get involved with the scheme. If not, you’ll at least be getting a fresh, exciting and determined young brain working on your projects.

Enternships has a frighteningly intelligent and actively entrepreneurship-encouraging team behind it so you can rest assured they’re going to be setting up the some seriously good partnerships between small companies and relevant students.

Enternship’s business development manager Nazem says: “Now is a great time to promote any opportunities you have for the summer vacation or full-time roles as there are thousands of students looking for exciting placements.

"Remember that the opportunities can vary in length, be voluntary or paid, be virtual or based in your offices - Enternships gives you the flexibility to recruit according to your needs.”

The programme is going to be marketed worldwide so you consider it if you have offices abroad, too.

During its Beta phase, Enternships is free to use for employers who want to advertise positions or browse through students looking for experience, so it’s well worth checking this out now. Find out more about how to get involved here.

You can connect with Enternships on Smarta by logging in and going to its Smarta profile

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