Just like common people: Jarvis Cocker is working the tills

He always insisted he wanted to be like common people and now it seems Jarvis Cocker is a man of his word – for if you go down to HMV Oxford Circus today, you may notice a familiar face working behind the tills.

Yes, you guessed it – the bespectacled Britpop lothario’s new album is out today and, according to one HMV source, ‘he didn't want to do a live PA or a signing’ – so he’s opted to work behind the tills instead.

We can’t work out whether the ex-Pulp singer is another victim of the credit crunch or just a bit publicity shy, but the stunt – or, rather, anti-stunt, because it hasn’t been advertised or received any mention in the media – is an interesting twist on the usual expensive promotional tour and is sure to get fans excited.

In the absence of coverage from traditional media, it’s clear Jarvis is relying on the power of social media to spread the word to fans before the day is out, and we like his thinking. We just hope it works…

Image: Jeremy Farmer

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