Little rays of hope

We know it may be too early to say for sure, and we know the danger of using the overused ‘green shoots’ line only to hear old branches crashing all around us, but, hell, we can’t resist a bit of good news.

More than a quarter of those asked in the Forum of Private Business’s (FPB) latest Economic Downturn Panel survey said they saw an improvement in the ‘viability' of their businesses in the past month – double the number experiencing a decline.

And satisfaction with bank support among FPB members is at its highest since November last year (12% of those asked reported an improvement).

Which is really no big surprise, since the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) announced that high street bank lending to small businesses rose by £271m between February and March. Backing that up, 8% of FSB members surveyed said provisions of overdrafts had improved for them.

The BBA also said deposits from small businesses had increased by £881m in the same period.
We’re not saying it’s getting any easier out there for any of you. But these tiny specks of hope are at least a flicker of light.

And since nobody ever got anywhere in business by being negative, hopefully a tiny glimmer of improvement will help you keep pushing on through the darkness.

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