They'll be sorry

It’s been credited with ‘superb’ coverage of the July 7 bombings and was instrumental in the campaign to get Boris Johnson elected as mayor of London – so Smarta feels the Evening Standard may have been a little hard on itself in its new ad campaign, which bears the word ‘Sorry’ in great big letters. 

According to a blog by Standard media columnist Roy Greenslade on The Guardian’s website, the new campaign is apparently off the back of market research which showed Londoners ‘considered the paper to be too negative, not celebratory enough and guilty of failing to cater for the capital’s needs’.

The struggling paper was bought from the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT) last year by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev for £1, so desperately needed a boost – but Laurence Green, chairman of ad agency Fallon, told Guardian blogger Mark Sweney the campaign could do more harm than good.

“The first rule of advertising to to get noticed and I think this campaign will. It is an interesting strategy given apologies are normally a more private dialogue in editorial. However, I think the truth is the Evening Standard is between a roc and a hard place of threats to its business [model] so the campaign is either desperation or reckless ambition.

“It is a massive role of the dice, but admirable.”

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