Entrepreneurial Londoners beat the tube strike

The Telegraph’s CityDiary section pointed out today that although much of London’s transport network was moving at glacial speeds this morning, the tube strike which left Smarta a quivery mass of sweaty misery after its hour-and-a-half slog into work has provided some nice opportunities for entrepreneurial Londoners.

Black cab drivers, in particular, have been driving around with euphoric expressions on their faces as rocketing demand and jammed roads combined to turn the city into the cabbie’s equivalent of Disneyland. “We haven’t heard any complaints from [them], despite their collective leaning to the Conservative end of the political spectrum,” observed The Telegraph this morning.

Smarta also likes the entrepreneurial approach Transport for London (TfL) has taken to providing alternative transport for the thousands of stranded commuters: cab sharing. Commuters are given a ticket and organised into groups of five by stewards – saving time and money.

It’s an idea which is set to take off in New York: according to the BBC, this autumn 1,000 new ‘share cabs’ will be introduced into the city, with their destinations ‘clearly displayed’ – which allows people heading in the same direction to wave them down.

It’s such a good idea, Smarta has a sneaking suspicion it may have just spotted a niche. Sod this business advice malarkey – we’re moving into the transport market. We don’t go south of the river, mind. Not at this time of the afternoon.

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