Fanning the winds of change

After a weekend of glorious sunshine a new mood of optimism is sweeping over the nation – and it’s a pleasant to surprise to see it even seems to be affecting those hit by the recession.

Cards of Change is a new project which showcases old business cards from those who have been laid off during the downturn together with contact details and a message of hope. The aim is to get prospective employees together with employers and give people opportunities they might never have encountered.

The results are hugely inspiring: ‘no more brown-coloured job’ scrawls one ex-employee in electric blue type on his brown business card, while another crosses out her old email address and adds: ‘I spent my last pay check on travelling :)’. Another writes: ‘No more cubicle hell. I’m working at my kitchen counter. Shoes are optional’.

‘There’s more talent out on the streets than ever before’, says the site’s blurb: the emphasis is on optimism, positivity, and providing new opportunities for those who have clung on to a ray of hope among the clouds of recession.

“Cards of Change is a place where the glass is always half-full. A destination where all the bad news of the day takes a back seat to stories of individual success,” explains the site – and in a time where large companies are going bankrupt and there’s a good chance new revelations of political greed may never cease, who can argue with that?

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