Margaret chooses scrolls over Sugar

‘Does any Apprentice fan honestly care that Yasmina Siadatan beat Kate Walsh to become Sir Grumpy’s latest charge?’ asks Times reviewer Tim Teeman in this morning’s paper – and he’s got a point: any vague feelings of triumph Smarta might have had when it was revealed one identikit Sugarette had beaten another was utterly, utterly overshadowed when it discovered Margaret Mountford is leaving.

The announcement was made last night: Margaret wants to concentrate on her PhD in Papyrology at University College London.

“I enjoyed the Apprentice, it was hard to say goodbye,” she told the BBC. “But I am working on a PhD in papyrology and I would like to concentrate on finishing this before I need a Zimmer frame to get to the platform to receive it.”

Classic Margaret.

It’s been written before many, many times but we’ll say it again; Sugar henchmen Margaret and Nick Hewer are what makes The Apprentice bearable. The eyebrow-raising, the scathing looks – the sheer overwhelming disbelief at it all. A mere pursing of those lips could bring any Apprentice contestant to tears.

Our time together has been so short, Margaret. We can’t believe it’s all over. Farewell, and enjoy the papyrology. The Apprentice won’t be the same without you.

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