**WIN WIN WIN*** MP expenses competition!!

What a day. Disaster doesn’t even begin to describe the government’s decision-making process on the expenses info. If there was such a word as catastrophePRfailridiculousimageapocalyse, it might come closer. But still not quite there.

On the plus side, this day of days has also produced the complete opposite end of the PR spectrum – the delightful ‘win a duckhouse’ competition in the Guardian. So in a tribute to both the PR genius and PR absolute fail of today, we’ve decided to put on our own little competition.

Here’s what we have to give away:


1 x ‘Buffy the Vampire Layer’ DVD and ‘Forrest Hump’ DVD bumper pack


(Terms and conditions apply: to be able to enter this part of the competition, you must have a brother. Your brother will provide said cleaning services.)

Small wooden house
(intended for ducks and other duck-sized fauna)

****Three day loan of JCB digger + 17 tons of water + annual subscription to ‘Moat Maintenance Monthly’****

‘Gordon Brown: My story, my way’ - ***EXCLUSIVE*** first edition of his autobiography – not yet in shops!
(Please note, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, approximately 83% of copy in this book has been blacked out. We hope this does not interfere with your enjoyment of reading.)

1 x toilet roll from 12-pack
(please note, we have donated the remaining 11 rolls to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. We have a feeling he’ll be needing them today.)

Packet of staples WORTH £0.25!!

for three years!!
(Terms and conditions apply: to be able to enter this part of the competition, you must have the suffix ‘M’ followed by the suffix ‘P’ after your name. Regrettably, all applicants who do not meet the criteria will not be eligible.)

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