What Yasmina did next: The insider scoop on what the Apprentice winner can expect now

Her face is smiling out from the pages of all the national newspapers, 10 million viewers tuned in to watch her on Sunday and her attire today graced the heady heights of the Daily Mail’s bitch-fest appearance-slagging pages. Yasmina has made it. She is Sir Alan’s beaming new Apprentice.

But the current media frenzy over Yasmina looks set to be sorrowfully short-lived. “She goes straight to work now, I imagine - that’s what I did,” explains Michelle Dewberry, winner of series two. Like any old Tom, Dick or Harriet, Yasmina will be getting chucked straight in at the deep end and straight to business. “It’s back to reality now,” says Michelle.

“The fun bit is over and it’s just knuckle down and get to work. People probably think it’s very glamorous, but it’s just a normal job. You’re at work.”

Hmm. Plain old work doesn’t sound quite as exciting as rushing around London trying to shift skeletons or inventing basil and strawberry chocolates for industry experts.

Neither, for that matter, does working on digital signage for the NHS. Which is, to be precise, what Yasmina is going to be doing for Sir Alan.

But surely you get at least a little bit of kudos from your peers for being a minor celebrity, who’s survived and won a gruelling 12-week interview with the added pressure of being watched by millions of people and judged by those most scathing of eyebrow-raisers, the notoriously sceptical Nick and Margaret? “You’re an employee and you’re not treated any differently than anybody else. You’re there to work and get on with it,” explains Michelle. Oh. Well that’s not nearly as fun, is it.

“It’s like working anywhere else,” she says. Hardly the life of TV-friendly glamour and drama one might’ve hoped for!

Still, at least working for Sir Alan must be more challenging than working in a run-of-the-mill job, more exciting, more – entrepreneurial. After all, he banged on incessantly about his preference for risk-takers, for those with a bit of commercial daring and sparkle, and it was pretty obvious he was so drawn to Yasmina in particular for her previous solo venturing at the helm of a restaurant.

Actually, it sounds like this too could be a bit disappointing for Yasmina. “I struggled from going from the freedom of having my business to going to be an employee,” explains Michelle. “I missed doing my own thing. I prefer the freedom of being entrepreneurial, and having the flexibility that goes with it.”

Hmm. Sounds a bit ominous. It can’t be especially easy from working in a situation where you’re the boss, making all the decisions, taking all the risks, holding all the responsibility for everything and everyone else in your organisation – to being just another one of Alan Sugar’s hundreds of underlings shut up in an office somewhere selling digital signage.

We wish Yasmina all the very best of luck – but we have a feeling the unmatchable sense of achievement that comes with running your own company, the emotional engagement and even the incredibly heightened tears and fears that come with it may prove, as they have with Michelle, to be just too irresistible to leave behind for long. 

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