BT to return customer service jobs to the UK

Any poor, beleaguered souls who have ever had to spend any time attempting to get through to a BT call centre should get their party poppers out now: the telecommunications behemoth has announced it is bringing the majority of its customer services back to the UK.

The company said it is planning close about half its Indian operation, bringing 2,000 jobs back to this country.

The news came today after one shareholder received a rapturous round of applause during yesterday’s shareholder’s meeting when she asked when the group would be closing its Indian call centres.

Hopefully, this will be validating news for anyone who has ever had to endure the company’s notoriously bad customer service: the company could be accused of buying into a false economy with its outsourced call centres – the workers’ poor level of training and bad command of English have contributed to all sorts of confusions over identity (Smarta particularly enjoyed one memorable occasion on which it was told it was spelling its own name incorrectly), lengthy waiting periods and duplicate bills.

The company has recently engaged in heavy cost-cutting in an attempt to recoup losses incurred by its Global Services division, which saw share dividends fall by 59%

Make no mistake - we're not saying it's BT's presence in India which makes the company's customer service bad - rather, the company's decision to force customers to deal with people who don't understand them. This was beautifully confirmed by one BT spokesperson, who today told The Times: “The customer service in our operations around the globe is of very similar standards.”

Oh dear.

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