Three-year-old TrustedPlaces partner with local news giant Northcliffe Media

Three-year-old local reviews startup TrustedPlaces have signed a deal with local media giant Northcliffe Media in an interesting partnership that saw 20 hyperlocal news sites launch yesterday.

The result is LocalPeople - communities of a target 10,000-15,000 users that are a mixture of local news and classifieds (Northcliffe’s contribution) with business directories that let local businesses self-advertise and social media functions (the parts TrustedPlaces bring to the mix).

For London-based TrustedPlaces, the partnership takes the pressure off them financially (as well as bringing them closer to profitability), allowing it to focus on its strengths: tech and product development. It also gives it a chance to take its local business and restaurant/bar review, recommendation, network and engagement model to smaller towns around the UK, beyond the main cities it currently focuses on.

TrustedPlaces’s CEO and co-founder Sokratis Papafloratos says it’s a ‘great strategic development’. Speaking to Smarta this afternoon, he explained: “It gives a hosted service to our partner which provides the user with the full benefits and capabilities of TrustedPlaces.”

Big congrats to the team. Watch our full video interview with TrustedPlaces founders Sokratis and Walid Al-Saaqaf above.

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