BlackBerry makes top pick as Apple crumbles

We’re not going to lie: In the war of the smartphones, Smarta had assumed the iPhone had already won – it’s pretty, it’s speedy, and there’s no risk of getting crumbs stuck down the cracks in the keypad.

And it wasn’t just us – according to PCWorld’s top 10 cell phones chart, the iPhone comes out on top; while shopping comparison site Kelkoo’s mobile phone handsets chart, based on the number of searches performed for each handset, ranks the iPhone fourth.

For iPhone arch-nemesis BlackBerry, though, it looks as though second most popular doesn't mean second best: today, US business magazine Fortune decreed BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is the fastest-growing company in the world.

According to the magazine, RIM’s profits have grown almost 85% in the last three years, while its revenues increased by 77% – despite challenges posed by the recession.

The top 10 fast growers list was dominated by technology companies with chip manufacturer Sigma, and Chinese search engine and gaming site making up the top three; while Vermont-based firm Green Mountain Coffee Roasters made it to number 11 and graphics company VistaPrint managed to squeeze into the top 20 at number 18.

Smarta can only assume RIM was feeling particularly smug when it discovered competitors Apple only made it to a rather disappointing 39th place (you could say it ripened too soon), while Google, which makes smartphone operating system Android, came 68th.

Commiserations, chaps: at least Apple chief exec Steve Jobs can console himself with the fact that even Fortune recognises that like the great Pepsi/Coke debate, you’re either a BlackBerry person or an iPhone person. For those who are still undecided, Fortune has created a handy quiz. Now even the technophobic can discover their smartphone personalities.

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