Getting imaginative with the business plan

It's Friday. You've had a long week, it's hot and sweaty in the office, and you want the weekend. So here's a little treat to feast your eyes upon for the last couple of hours of the day (and maybe learn something along the way).

This is, in fact, a business plan. (See a bigger pic of it here.) And a pretty darn creative one at that. It's the effort of Sellaband, which empowers ordinary folk like you and me to spot and sell and manage bands.

While we're not quite there with telling you to try this approach out - it does lack a lot of key info - it proves that business plans don't have to be twenty pages of type-set doldrums. Getting a bit more imaginative gets you noticed and says a lot about your brand and how you think. And it might even get you a bit of coverage on a business blog, too.

Here's our guide on how to write a business plan. But use the above for inspiration - and try adding a little funkiness to the stark skeleton. It'll make any business plan writing you need to get done over the weekend that little bit more enjoyable.

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