Why pomegranates are nothing like Nova Scotia

It’s August, folks – Parliament is in recess, venture capitalists are all safely ensconced in their South of France retreats, and in newsrooms across the country, journalists are clambering over one another in a desperate search for something – anything – to write about.

It is presumably in this spirit of the silly season, then, that the concept for the Pomegranate NS08, a disarmingly undulating clover-shaped phone which claims to be the ‘ultimate all-in-one device’, going ‘where no phone has gone before’. It includes a projector, a ‘global voice translator’, a coffee brewer, and even a harmonica.

This could have been the most exciting development in mobile telecommunications since, well, the mobile phone, but sadly, it isn’t: rather, the NS08 is just another one of history’s more dubious marketing ploys.

Enticing though the phone seems, once you click on ‘release date’, suddenly, an advert for Canadian province Nova Scotia appears. “Someday you’ll be able to get everything you want in one device,” advises some flying text. “Today you can get everything you want in one place.” Eh? What does that have to do with anything?

We can picture the board meeting now:

“Ok, chaps: Nova Scotia. It’s wet, it’s cold, it’s alarmingly close to the North Pole – what USPs do we have to work with here?”

“Well, sir, none really spring immediately to mind – but it doesn’t really matter, let’s just invent something really cool, market that and make up a really tenuous link to Nova Scotia.”

“Cripes, Grimes – you’re a genius. What fantastic idea. Someone give this man a promotion.”

We can’t help but think some rather lazy marketing has gone into this particular campaign. The fact they have had to invent something to convince people of the value of the product they’re trying to sell rather undermines it, don’t you think? Next time, try harder, Nova Scotia. See us after class.

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