Entrepreneur Andrew Reynolds wants to give YOU his Bentley

Andrew Reynolds, self-made millionaire who’s forever pledging to help other’s make their fortune is something of an enigma.

His Entrepreneur Bootcamp and Cash-On-Demand scheme at first glance looks every bit the ‘you’ll make thousands a month’, ‘why work if you don’t need to’, ‘it’s easy to do’, ‘work on the beach’, ‘get-rich-quick’ and, well, too good to be true.

You know the drill: ‘I used to poor like you and made £20m all on my own in just three years, now I’m going to help you do the same.’

Except with Reynolds, there’s nothing at all to suggest he’s misleading anyone. His turnkey online sales programme isn’t for anyone and we’d question how many people actually get rich, let alone quickly: but nobody seems to be getting ripped off.

What’s more, Reynolds is making BIG money from all of this, not for him, but charity.

He’s an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which provides experiences for seriously ill children. Last year’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp netted a cool £468,000 for the charity.

Reynolds, founder of the Entrepreneur Channel, is also the man who first stumped up the not inconsiderable £100,000 for the hugely successful Make Your Mark With A Tenner initiative way before all the national media got all ‘right on’ about it.

So... while we were partly inclined to dismiss Reynolds latest news that he’s about giveaway his £125,000 Bentley at his birthday party ‘COMPLETELY FOR FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE, NO STRINGS , NO CATCH, NO HIDDEN CLAUSES, IT COULD BE YOURS’, we were also more than a tad intrigued.

We popped over to http://www.andrews-bentley.com/, sifted through the promises, then watched an incredibly moving video clip on the work of Make-A-Wish and discovered why Reynolds is parting with his prize possession.

Then we sifted through more claims and promises. And more. To summarise, Reynolds is also giving away free places on his Cash-On-Demand programme and October’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp – so you really can try it free if you so fancy. And while there’s ‘NO OBLIGATION TO WHATSOVER’ (x several million), he’d LIKE you to donate £149 to Make-A-Wish.

So make of it and Reynolds what you will, but Smarta’s just telling you, marketing spiel aside, Andrew Reynolds, whatever else he is, is someone giving away a Bentley THAT YOU COULD WIN! for a very good cause.

We’re not promising you ANYTHING, but take a look!

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