Ex-bankers flock to eBay

Having spent years toiling at other people’s behest, it seems spurned city workers are turning to an altogether more entrepreneurial way of life.

Apparently, making money out of auction sites is now de rigeur for the former financier – according to figures out from auction site eBay, of the 27,000 professional sellers who have joined the website over the past few months, one in five are ex-city workers.

Perhaps they’re looking to move into a more stable business: the online retail sector is continuing to flourish, while more than three quarters of eBay businesses have achieved their sales targets during the last three months.

That said, things may not be going quite as swimmingly for eBay itself: the company has reportedly confirmed it will sell internet calling service Skype to private investors after it said earlier this year the two companies have ‘limited synergies’.

When eBay bought the service back in 2005, some experts suggested the $4bn price tag was too high – an accusation eBay’s financiers presumably agree with, considering they are only said to be asking around $2bn.

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