This man wants to give you £100,000

This morning, Smarta will mostly be speculating about the motivations of one Ben Benson, the property tycoon who says he is giving away £1m of his own money to lucky readers of his new book.

Benson’s book, The New Rules of Wealth, profiles big-name entrepreneurs such as Sir Philip Green to provide money-making tips to aspiring millionaires – but ten readers will receive a significant helping hand in the form of £100,000.

Each copy of the book will have a code number printed inside, and a new code will be published online every two months – meaning readers have to return to the book every two months to check if they’ve won. It seems to be working: 14,000 copies of the book have already been reserved.

The cynical among us might see Benson’s sudden generosity as a clever ploy to raise his profile: high publishing costs will mean he’s unlikely to recoup the £1m from sales of the book – but the money is acting as a loss leader, if you will, to ensure future opportunities for Benson. Dragons’ Den, anyone?

The man himself, though, says all he’s ever wanted to do is help people get rich. “My motivation is not to make money,” he said. “If it was, I’d be using that £1m to start another company or buy properties.”

“The thing I really get excited about is helping people achieve what they want to achieve.”

All together now: aaah.

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