Guest blog: How I landed my first clients with a £15 marketing budget

Smarta member Lisa Langmead tells us how she launched her cleaning business with next to nothing in the bank.

Hello, my name is Lisa - or Clean Queen as I like to be called. I dreamt up my company Dust and Vac while cleaning my own toilet of all places! I stood up and realised that I was actually enjoying what I was doing. I toyed with the idea of therapy but on the realisation it would cost too much, I decided to gain money from this terrible infliction and Dust and Vac was born.

It was all well and good thinking about it but with no start-up capital it was always going to be an uphill struggle. I found a company who let me build a free website then taught myself how to input the html needed - the internet can teach you anything!

Ok the website was dazzling and free but what about the marketing? I collected a few quotes for flyers but all were out of my price range. The truth was I had literally no money to spend on marketing - it's no exaggeration when I say £20 was too much.

Feeling rather despondent, as I binned (I mean recycled) the last of the junk mail I had collected that week, I had my eureka marketing moment! I had just disposed of 11 leaflets and had not even read them. Why? Because they all looked the same - I realised all I had to do was stand out.

I immediately ordered some name labels which my children have in their uniforms (iron on, as I cannot sew) and added my company details to them. I then received some strange looks at the supermarket as I bought up 100 scouring pads. I ironed on the labels and pushed my creations through perspective clients' doors.

The response was fantastic. One man emailed me to say that he thought it was such a great idea and recommended us to his daughter. I gained another client as they saw a friend using my Flyer to wash-up with - the labels are meant to withstand machine washing so they never come off - fantastic!

Total cost of my scouring pad fliers that landed my first clients? £15. The value of trying something different? Priceless.

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