We're here to make your new year happier

Hello and a happy new year from all of us here at Smarta. We're not going to pretend this morning's going to be any fun. London seems even more misery-drenched than normal. Half the country is snowed in. The other half wishes they were.

More seriously, the Forum of Private Business warns that 'historic evidence [shows] that business failures increase during the early phase of recovery'. As its chief executive Phil Orford cautioned at the end of 2009: "Small business owners are right to fear the immediate future."

But here at Smarta we want to help. We're going to give you business advice you really need, all throughout this year, and beyond. Tell us what you want. Email us at editor@smarta.com, tweet us at @SmartaHQ or send us a message on Smarta (our editorial team is Sophie Hobson, Emma Haslett and Matt Thomas). Use the Q&A section to get quick-fire advice and feedback from your peers and find out how to leverage social media to really harness your industry's knowledge.

We're not going to pretend this is business is normal. The recession is still very much a threat to all small businesses, and a double dip is still a possibility. But if all of us in the small business sector share our insight and support each other, we stand a lot better chance of surviving the year ahead.

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