An audience with Lord Sugar: What You See Is What You Get

It wasn't a very well-organised affair. Lord Sugar fans were bunched up on the pavement, sodden and jostled by tourists. Waterstones only began letting the queue trickle into the store at 1:15. Still, spirits were high. One teenager was waiting patiently with her mother. "I wouldn't have even known who he was," she gushed. "But we've started watching The Apprentice in our business studies course.

"Now, I watch The Apprentice every week!"

There were several trophy hunters in attendance, however. One chap with a strong Cockney accent turned to his companion, "I better get at least £30 for the damn thing on eBay. I'm soaking."

Ah, fickle fame. Another young girl in her early twenties seemed to be a regular at these events. "They're better than concerts," she told her friend. "You actually get to meet the celebrity!" The friend pointed out that Katie Price, AKA Jordan, was signing her new autobiography next week. "What!?" screamed her pal. "I'd start queuing at 7am to meet Jordan!"

Eventually, we were ushered up the stairs to meet the great man. Alas, the Apprentice star was in typically cantankerous spirits. "Do you want a name on this?" he demanded as each person tip-toed forward with his new autobiography. Lord Sugar hasn't wound down from The Apprentice, it seems. Or maybe he was keen to add credence to the title of his book: "What You See Is What you Get": he is as irritable as his TV persona suggests.

Smarta tried to sneak the peer a quick question as he scrawled his signature over the inside front cover of our copy. "What was it like to write this book?" we asked. "Was it a nostalgic experience? Did you get any ideas for future ventures from reviewing the past?"

Lord Sugar smiled slightly before handing back the tome. "I've done all my TV interviews for the day. I'll not be answering any more questions."

Thus ended our short but sweet moment with the grizzled entrepreneur. As we were ushered away by the heavies (excuse the slightly blurry image), we caught sight of Lord Sugar in a rare unguarded moment, looking extremely depressed. It was an hour into the signing.

Lord Sugar is at another event at the Apple Store, Covent Garden tonight. Woe betide any fans who rub him up the wrong way.

If you attend the Apple Q&A, do Twitpic him for us and tag @SmartaHQ in your tweet!


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