Apprentice preview: Is Lord Sugar's wrath the mother of invention?

Week four sees the Apprentice wannabes summoned to the Science Museum to receive their next task. This one will demand all of the candidates' business nous and ingenuity: they must choose two products to take to market from a roomful of likely inventors. And here's where it gets interesting: each Apprentice hopeful will receive their own order book. There will be no hiding behind the big personalities this week; Lord Sugar will be scrutinising each and every sale. Expect some serious temper tantrums and 'Et tu, Brute?' moments.

Rumour has it that we're in for a few surprises in Lord Sugar's boardroom this week. Smarta was dead on target with its prediction for who would get fired last week. Will we be on the money again?

Apprentice hopefuls to bite the dust? Either Sandeesh or Christopher "Sniper" Farrell.

Smarta will be heading to Lord Sugar's book signing at Waterstones Piccadilly tomorrow. We'll try and squeeze some Apprentice gossip out of the grizzly one. Check back tomorrow afternoon for the latest!


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