Apprentice winner Lee McQueen reviews last night's episode

And his ego in putting himself forward! It was pure testosterone: "I'm the sales director, I'm the entrepreneur." He set the tone as soon as he did that. It was very aggressive - and they're all egos as we know, so everyone was on the defensive from the get go. Then he got everybody's back up the wrong way as soon as he said: "I'll lead, you do the work."

The boys' strategy in going for low-end sausages was fine though. They made a big thing of putting lots of rusk in there and not much meat, but that didn't seem to hinder them at all - people were still buying them.

Nick said exactly what I would have said about the girls: the pecking order. (That's exactly what Lucinda was like with us when I was in it!) That Melissa - she talked great game, but she didn't put herself forward - then just started pecking at the person who did. Having said that, she had the right ideas on the business side. But she'll rub people up the wrong way. I think she knows that too - I think she might be planning to do that on purpose.

Team leader Joanna handled things okay but she was a big gung ho about it all. Putting things in perspective, you do just think 'let's go for it' when you're working through the night under all that pressure. But you really need to sit down and plan.

The girls' sausage stall looked really cool, and it suited the area well. But they obviously missed a trick by not getting that griddle up and going and cooking sausages right from the start.

The girls' strategy to go for high-end sausages was okay, and the boys' going for low-end was fine too. The girls just had a more slick machine. The boys needed more planning and organisation - if they'd had that, they probably would have beaten the girls, because they only lost by £15. To only lose by that much was purely down to the cost of the girls' product. Nick picked that out as well - if it wasn't for Stella and Elizabeth on the numbers they probably would have lost.

In the boardroom, the boys had no unity: when Lord Sugar asked if Dan was a good team leader, everyone was silent. Then when Dan said he took a step back because he didn't want to be hands-on and a lot of people needed coaching - but he didn't do any of that either! He just stood and shouted at people and made them feel like utter crap! He was like a dictator, but he had no control.

There were a couple of classics in there - Stuart not packing to go to the boardroom! And this is the best - when Stuart said to Lord Sugar: "Dan was completely arrogant, it was his arrogance that lost us the task..." Then he says himself 'I'm the best 21-year-old in the world' and he hasn't even packed! Sitting there saying that! Classic!

It's interesting because Dan lost the task based on sales at the end of the day. He was always going to take in people in that didn't sell. But then he took Stuart in - Stuart sold well and he's mouthy. That's a recipe for disaster, because you know he's going to give you a going over in there.

Another classic - when Lord Sugar told Dan off for slouching in his chair - and you could see Dan gulp!

I think Alex was completely out his depth - he needs to step up. If I was Alex I'd put myself forward for project manager next time.

But Lord Sugar was 100% spot on with his decision to fire Dan - there was no other outcome. Though if the boys had won, it would have been interesting to see how Dan built relationships going forward.

The boys rallied themselves well though. There are a few early leaders in there. Jamie's good, and Chris came up with some valid points. Chris would disagree with Dan and voice his opinion, then just get on and work hard anyway. He showed respect for team leader, and that's important.

Melissa has good ideas, but watch out for trouble from her! Stella's good. Elizabeth's the attractive one but I think she might have something about her in the numbers. And she was good voicing her opinion, but in a way that was quite acceptable. Joanna deserves credit for sticking her neck out, being project manager for the first time - I didn't do that!

There are people you didn't see at all, but based on this episode I'd say Chris and Jamie are the frontrunners on the boys side, and Stella and Elizabeth out of the girls.

Also - that house is amazing! We didn't get a gym and a pool!

Lee has just launched the Raw Talent Academy, which helps small businesses and corporations build internal sales academies and encourages them to look beyond just graduates when they recruit.



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