GUEST BLOG: CloudApps CEO Stephen Kelly on why Spending Reviews are good for business

When money is tight, the brave make money: they create jobs, prosperity and wealth. In the commercial world, cost-saving technologies do well in the downturn, while those perceived as disposable are quietly dropped. As spending gets tough, innovation takes off. The tighter the money is, productivity and performance grows.

As the government looks to tighten its belt and tries to restore financial credibility an economy ravaged by times of plenty, the winners are those who can help do more with less.

Rather than bemoan the economic cycle, perhaps we can take a little time to spot some of the opportunities it presents. Whatever your political persuasion, it is an economic truth that private industry creates the taxes that governments spend on our behalf. In the long term, successful enterprise is the paymaster for the hospitals, cyber-war servers and quangos, which are now under comprehensive spending review.

The current economic system has proven resistant to failure and looking beyond the current hard times, there are reasons for optimism among the UK business community. The UK is still a great place to do business. British innovation is truly world-class and the green movement, fostered by government sponsorship is strong and growing.

As the old saying goes 'What does not kill you makes you stronger'- which applies perfectly for those of us in the sustainability business.

Picture source: Zechariah Judy


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