Shaa Wasmund: The rise of the handmade business

Handmade marketplaces, which bring together hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs and small consumer businesses are growing in popularity. Etsy is one of the biggest, which is mainly based in the USA (with an expanding global section) and the UK has got Folksy.

So, with Christmas only a couple of months away, here's five reasons why you should start using handmade marketplaces - to buy AND sell.

  1. Supporting small businesses: After all, Small businesses are the key to recovering the economy.
  2. Individuality: The majority of sellers on Etsy and Folksy offer personalised options, so you can request a personalised iPhone case for your techy child, a silver ring with your loved one's name engraved, or a funky rubber stamp with your company logo. (I think I might just be getting one of those...)
  3. Cheaper: Small businesses often offer higher quality goods without the corporate hike up on price.
  4. Fair Trade: By buying from independent UK-based designers, you know you're not contributing to the market of mass-produced products made by underpaid workers in developing countries.
  5. Excellent customer service: Independent designers have the time and passion to respond to each and every customer.

Would love to hear from those of you already selling or buying on these platforms - or tell us about others we have yet to discover!

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