Shaa Wasmund: What's your online brand saying about you?

Employers who use social media for candidate research tend to rely on search engines (43%), Facebook and LinkedIn (12% each), Twitter (4%) and blogs (3%).

If employers are researching potential employees on social media, what's stopping them researching consultants, entrepreneurs or small businesses through the same channels?

It's easy to forget how visible your online brand is, whether you're an entrepreneur, employee or consultant. A tweet after a bad day at work could potentially be viewed by hundreds of people, regardless of how different you might feel the next morning! Equally, an incomplete LinkedIn page may lose you the edge over a competitor's packed full of recommendations, and a Facebook profile full of photos from last night's beer crawl gives completely the wrong impression.

To make sure your online brand is as polished as possible, follow these tips:

  • Avoid swearing, linking to offensive material or being too negative on your Twitter account. I know most of you would never even think of this, but it only takes one occasion to wreck all the great work you've done.
  • Check the privacy levels of your Facebook, and increase it if you don't want anyone outside of your friends seeing your wall and photos. Think of setting up a dedicated page for your business instead and if you can get more than 25 people to like you, you're in with a chance of getting a vanity url - check out mine:
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile completely up to date and ask all your clients or customers to leave you a recommendation. There is really NO excuse not to do this - LinkedIn makes it so easy for you!

What's your online brand saying today?

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