Social media: A week in virals

Banksy does The Simpsons

When street artist Banksy read that The Simpsons outsources its animation work to South Korea, he decided to create this gem. It's a brilliant take on The Simpsons intro, with faultless animation and a liberal serving of Bansky wisecracks. The video has been making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, garnering nearly 2.5 million views in two days. Enjoy!


Sesame Street's take on the Old Spice viral

When Old Spice released its "The man your man could smell like" campaign earlier this year, the internet went beserk. Sales of Old Spice products doubled within two months and the viral is held up as one of the best viral campaigns of 2010. Sesame Street has now created its own interpretation of the ad, featuring a be-towelled Grover in its "Smell like a monster" viral. Best line: "I'm on a horse. Er... Cow."

Star Wars in paper

A lot of virals are simply reworkings of existing content. Check out this remake of the Star Wars trilogy using simple paper animation. The soundtrack, provided by Jeremy Messersmith adds to the wistful, nostalgic feel of this video. It's a great showcase for animator Eric Power and a platform to promote a new musical talent too. Smarta would like to request Indiana Jones in paper animation next please, Eric...

Google Wave does Pulp Fiction

Google Wave, shrouded in mystery, available only to the select few for so long, is now going mainstream. Here's a glimpse of the new platform from Google itself, set to a piece of dialogue from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. It's a brilliant introduction to Wave and a smart take on the traditional video tutorial.

Piano stairs strike a chord

This is one of those virals that not only makes entertaining viewing, but also leaves you with a warm, fluffy feeling. This is part of Volkswagon's "The Fun Theory" campaign. Despite the car-maker's big budgets, this video has been made to fit neatly into the viral category, with simple production and no jazzy effects. Here's how pedestrians in Odenplan, Stockholm were persuaded to take the stairs.

That's it for this week's viral round-up. Check back next week for your viral fix!

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