Spearmint Rhino vs Platinum Lace: The clash of the strip clubs

This is a turf war and no mistake. The titty tycoons will be battling it out for customers and dancers in the London's West End and central Birmingham. Gray has already responded to the threat, filing a complaint with the Royal Courts of Justice and citing a non-compete clause from Warr's exit contract. Nevertheless, the legal strike hasn't deterred Warr. Platinum Lace, Piccadilly - just round the corner from Spearmint Rhino Tottenham Court Road - opened last month.

The old adage 'sex sells' may be true, but it's been a tough niche for Spearmint's Gray of late. Despite his assertion back in 2002 that Spearmmint Rhino was recession-proof - "We could lose 75% of our turnover and still be in profit" - the recession saw a huge drop in revenue.

Business is starting to pick up: the bankers have their bonuses and takings at the flagship Spearmint Rhino are up 33% but completion from rival club Platinum Lace could reduce income by half.

The secret to Spearmint Rhino's success was the customer service. The dancers were trained to use punters' names three times upon meeting to foster an 'intimate' vibe. They were also encouraged to praise customers' looks and dress sense.

The recruitment strategy was smart too: girls were lured away from other private clubs with tanning beds and top of the range facilities. One ex-dancer tells Smarta: "The one on Tottenham Court Road is huge.  There would be around 80 girls working there most nights. There was a lot of competition. You had to be really good to make any money."

With a club opening down the road, some of these seasoned professionals might be tempted to join the new outfit - especially as Warr knows all of Spearmint's secrets and could undercut the club's rates to get the girls in.

May the best booty baron win.


Picture source: Litonali


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