The Apprentice: Lee McQueen and Kimberly Davis' top 10 tips for contestants

Lee McQueen:

1. Don't get fired in the first week. Sounds simple, but it works. Keep your head down and don't put yourself out there unnecessarily. You don't need to vie for position in the first week.

2. Work extremely hard in all tasks. Perform each and every one as if you could get fired - because you could.

3.Make sure you work as part of a team. If you work really hard individually and as part of a  team, rather than backstabbing, you've got more chance of winning.

4. Make sure you have a plan. A lot of people go into each and every task or the show as a whole with no plan whatsoever, thinking they'll just do it off the cuff. It's not for me to say what plan you should do, but you definitely need one! Look at each and every task and find out what you're going to do, and get to know who you're working with. Learn from other people's mistakes and previous episodes. These top tips could be part of the plan!

5. Make sure you deliver on every task. It's massively important - it's basically why I won. You can say you're the salesperson of the year but you need to back it up with actual delivery on each task. It's important to realise who your audience is - you're not trying to win via the public vote, you're not trying to win the hearts of advertising companies you work with in tasks. You don't have to impress anyone else except Lord Sugar - and he's not worried about past achievements, he's only worried about what you're doing now and what you can do for him.

Kimberly Davis:

6. Be wise about who you choose to bring into the boardroom with you. Sir Alan has certain people that he likes and doesn't like and you have to pick up on that. Bring back somebody who's in a weaker position than you - it makes more sense strategically. And don't let the friendships that you make in the house deter you from making your proper business decision. You really have to do what's best for the team, best for you and best for the competition.

7. Make sure you always get credit for things you do on camera, otherwise it doesn't get noted.

8. Don't bring emotion into the boardroom. No crying! It's great to have passion and by all means stick up for yourself, but you need to stay focused on the business, to be as professional and straightforward as possible. And don't compromise your integrity - it's easy to forget when you're wrapped up in the game, but your values and morals and far, far more important than the competition.

9. Make yourself team leader when you know that you can do a good job in the task - otherwise choose the best person for the job.

10. Don't criticise anyone in the boardroom until you know which team won and which team lost. There's no point making an enemy unless you need to! And that way if you win, there are no hard feelings.

These days, both Kimberly and Lee are busy helping other businesses.

Kimberly runs Sarsaparilla, a marketing consulting and training agency.

Lee has just launched the Raw Talent Academy, which helps small businesses and corporations build internal sales academies and encourages them to look beyond just graduates when they recruit.



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