The Apprentice: Lee McQueen reviews the mad cat Melissa episode

There was still lots of bitching going on - the sub teams were a nightmare, they kept arguing. When is the penny going to drop for them? When are they going to realise that, 'If we work as a unit, we're going to have more chance of progressing'?

But Laura, Paloma and Sandeesh just kept fighting! All that arguing in the doorway of a customer who has about to sign for 200 units - it was so unprofessional. They need to take a look at themselves. If they'd agreed a way forward and split the deal and shared it, if they were a team and did things together, they could have just moved forward and started getting more deals.

I was really impressed with Jamie's team. Alex is a Steady Eddie, he just plods along and does the business. I though Jamie was really good, particularly as Melissa was very difficult to manage. He kind of just cut her off - but he had to do what right for the team and he did it. Chris and Liz in particular were fantastic, absolutely superb.

Jamie got a bit of stick for not managing his sub-team properly, but you can only pick what's in front of you.

Stuart made a massive mistake again by being completely rude to the Baby Glo person. You just don't do that. Ultimately, if you want to look at who lost the task, turn to Stuart for being so rude to a client. That allowed Liz and that team to get £90,000 from Kiddicare.

Jamie was right to bring Melissa and Stuart into the boardroom. I thought Lord Sugar might have fired Stuart, because he keeps coming up with all of this, "I'm 21 years old, I'm a great salesman." Look , if you're good enough and old enough, just get on with it - you can't be good on one hand and not old enough on the other. It's like Lord Sugar said, it's not kindergarten. It wouldn't surprise me if this week coming up Stuart is made project manager.

But I did agree with Lord Sugar firing Melissa. She was unbelievable! I said way back in week one that she's dodgy, she trouble, she rubs people up the wrong way and she has a mouth on her - and she was and did!

As soon as she didn't get voted in as project manager again, it was like a tantrum: fold the arms,  right, I've got the hump. She didn't want to give anything else - it was all about her, not about the team. That's what cost her I think. And it was like Jamie had to project manage her. In the end he almost cut her loose, but he did the right thing there. You have to do what's right for the team.

Melissa just kept talking to people as if she knew everything, she wouldn't take anything on board, and she just kept saying how good at pitching she was. But she pitched awfully. It got cringey! Alright love, they said they don't want your product, stop ramming it down their throats.

In fairness, she's in a competition and she thinks she's got to get some deals - but telling Debenhams they can expand their range - er, hello?!

Then when she was fired she walked out the boardroom saying Stuart and Jamie were 'horrible people' who had 'ganged up' on her - well, that just goes to show her mentality. She must have been embarrassed by it - in the after show she'd changed her whole look.

Then in the car after she's been fired, when she said: "The universe will retribute you!" - what are you talking about love?! She reminded me a bit of Lucinda in our series - when she was in control she was very good but when she wasn't, she was a complete nightmare.

Overall in the series so far, I've agreed with most of Lord Sugar's decisions, but in the second week I thought he should have sacked Laura. And this week she was rubbish again - all she did was argue.

My tips are same from week one: Liz, Stella, Jamie and Chris. They'll definitely be in the top five, though I'm not sure which of them will win yet. They've set the bar.

Now we'll start to see a lot more business activity rather than bitching.

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Lee is now running the Raw Talent Academy, which provides internal sales academies to corporates and small businesses and aims to encourage people to recruit beyond just the graduate circle.

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