The Apprentice: "You're going to turn flour into some serious dough," says Lord Sugar

The food tasks are always the best. Apprentice Series 5 may feel like a long time ago, but who could forget Pants Man, the super hero character played by Noorul Choudhury to market his team's cereal products? Or Yasmina's Cocoa Electric in the penultimate episode.  The first episode of Series 6 of the Apprentice saw teams Synergy and Apollo flogging sausages to passing trade in Portobello and Leadenhall markets. Tempers rose, sausages burst and Dan Harris was the first candidate to go into the mincer. For whatever reason, food + Apprentice = hilarious television.

We're back in the food factory on Wednesday for a bread-making task. The preview promises plenty of tantrums and tears before bedtime. Shibby sells 400 croissants to one retailer - "But we're not making croissants!" came the anxious reply from his baking team. "We are now," he says.

Lord Sugar lambasts the losing candidate for poor pitching and a terrible sales strategy before uttering the fatal words: "You're fired!" But who will it be, hm? Preview suggests that whomever is team leader on "Princess" Paloma's team could be in for the chop. "I'm not going into another meeting like that," she says in the teaser. "That was highly embarrassing."

Melissa also has a run in with Alex Epstein: "No need to get rude at me," she says. "I think you're dragging your heels," comes his reply. From this, we deduce that Alex is probably project manager this week, that the girls and boys have been mixed up and that we're in for a highly entertaining episode.

Who will go? Our money's on Alex or Shibby to get the heat this week.


Tune in to The Apprentice on Wednesday, 9pm, BBC1


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