The Apprentice's Kimberly Davis: Time to make the cream puffs - sorry, baked goods

Jamie lost all my respect early on after he started getting snippy, snide, and pretentious when he didn't get his way. He couldn't handle the fact that the team chose Melissa as project manager, despite the fact that she was the only person with relevant experience, and the toys went flying from the pram. He then proceeded to stab Melissa in the back while toasting and supporting her to her face. I've officially blacklisted him and have a sneaking suspicion things are going to get a lot worse.

Melissa was abominable as team leader. She disrespected the client by making him wait 15 minutes while she worked out numbers. She then came back with a cost of £1.82 per bread roll! It was shocking that someone who works in the food industry would even let such ridiculous words fall from her mouth. Add to this fact that she was disorganized and wasn't able to make decisions and it was a recipe for disaster.

If it weren't for Christopher, her team surely would have lost. His brilliant leadership and organizational skills have left me eagerly waiting for his day as project manager.

Alex showed he does have a backbone, as he stood up to Melissa without loosing his cool, but he was slow to help out his team leader.

Stuart actually does have a talent: market stall sales.

Chris, Joanna, and Laura laid low and kept their heads down.

Liz and Stella continue to be my favourites as they worked hard, sold well, and just performed steadily and without any drama. Of course, that was saved for the boardroom…

Sandeesh moaned endlessly, didn't contribute, and doesn't seem to bring anything to the table. Lord Sugar is now watching her like a hawk.

Paloma is an excellent saleswoman but she lied in the boardroom and has a lot of unnecessary emotion. Lord Sugar is not a fan of marketers, so there is no doubt her days are numbered.

Shibby was, by far, the most appalling candidate and Sir Alan was 100% right to fire him. With comments like "I'll smack your bottom," "Shut up," and "You could have walked around with your top off," he proved to have no business acumen in the slightest. His team lost this task because he gave his profit away when he offered a client compensation. He also didn't even attempt to shift his excess product. "Who cares about bread?" he asked. You should have, Shibby.

But my biggest surprise of the night was how handsome and dapper Nick Hewer looked in the food factory hat and coat. Baking never looked so good! Work it Nick!

Kimberly now runs Sarsaparilla Marketing, a marketing consulting and training agency. Follow her on Twitter @ApprenticeKim



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