Top five gadgets to boost productivity

1. Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

This clever gadget records what you hear and write so that you never miss a word. Taking notes at an important business meeting? Negotiating orders with suppliers? This handy little widget will make sure you have all the details at your disposal, at the flick of a wrist. And, if you need to take a break, just draw a set of piano keys. By touching the nib of the Livescribe to each key, you can play a little ditty on paper.

2. T6 Water Dispenser

To stay awake and refreshed, you need to stay hydrated. Depending on your size and weight, you should be drinking two to three litres of water a day. This smart waterbot from T6 produces ice-cold or boiling water at the touch of the button. And, it looks super slick. So whether you need a caffeine boost, or a glass of H2O to stick your Berocca in, this nifty gadget's for you.

3. Move Eco Plus DAB Radio

Music is good for the soul. To get your pulse racing and banish the blues, invest in a radio for your office. We like the eco version from Move. It's palm-sized, so it won't take up too much room on your desk (and you can stick it in your pocket for tunes on the move). Plus, it's the only DAB radio to have achieved ENERGY SAVING TRUST approval.

4. Massage chair

To soothe the aches and pains of your work day, try a massage chair. Statistics show that Brits work the longest hours in Europe. For many of us, that involves sitting hunched over a computer for long stretches. Give your back a little respite with a half hour chair massage twice a day. You don't even have to stop working!

5. SAD Light Therapy Box with Bluewave Technology

Research from the University of Surrey has found that blue-enriched white light can significantly improve mood and work performance, reduce fatigue, irritability, and result in heightened focus.  SAD affects between one in eight, or one in 50 of us, depending on which statistics you trust. By combining bluewave technology and SAD therapy in a single lightbox, you can boost the flow of happy chemicals in your brain and work better, longer.

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