Dr Lisa Turner: Changing your mindset to increase productivity

1. Heal up emotions from the past. Although in business we don't normally like to talk about emotions, they do in fact impair our ability to think clearly and make good decisions. Healing up unresolved emotions vastly increases your inner threshold.

2. Stop the spinning plates. Unfinished projects or tasks take up a lot of memory and block thinking space. The solution: do or delete. Write a list of all the unfinished projects and tasks. Then review the list and make a decision.

3. Limiting beliefs will stop you taking action that could lead to success. If you think there is no point calling that client because they won't want to buy something now, then even if you do 'force' yourself to make the call, your mental attitude will come over in your voice and language - so you will create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. If you believe the opposite, then you will create success.

4. Take good physical care of yourself and get regular exercise. The mind and the body affect each other so increasing the health of the body will increase the health of your mind.

5. Make a list of all the things that you achieved in the last year. No matter how big or small the achievements are, if you are proud or pleased with them then put them on the list.

6. Make another list of all the things you failed to achieve in the last year. What goals or milestones did you set yourself that did not happen?

7. Look at each of the lists and identify the difference that makes the difference. What did you do or not do that caused you to achieve what you did or what you didn't achieve? You are looking for the difference that makes the difference, and these will form your personal rules for success. Believe it is possible and stay 100% positive - even in tough times, let go of the 'how', notice opportunities and act on them.

8. Just like traffic in rush hour, it is always easier to be going the opposite direction to the crowd. Business is just like that, but it takes planning, investment and courage to go against conventional thinking. Most people in business don't experience the kind of success they would like. But most people seem to look at other struggling businesses and do exactly the same as whatever they're doing! Doing the OPPOSITE - going against the flow - leads to long-term success.

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