Gordon Ramsay gets personal in emotive public letter to mother-in-law

Ramsay accuses Hutcheson of being a 'dictator', leading a 'very complex life', and saying ominously: "His away days were rarely what I thought they were." Hutcheson and Ramsay started working together 12 years ago, two years after Ramsay married Hutcheson's daughter Tana. Hutcheson was a mastermind of the Ramsay empire and Ramsay Holdings' CEO. Then last month Ramsay pushed him out the business acrimoniously.

In the letter published in today's Evening Standard, Ramsay says: "Removing my father-in-law from my business has been the hardest and most important decision in my entire life," before going on to admit he employed a private detective to look into the affairs of his wife's dad.

The irony of this is seemingly lost on the foul-mouthed chef, who but mere lines apart from that statement says: "One of my biggest concerns was the business: [Hutcheson] signing huge contracts in my name and furthermore discovering emails were being looked at."

Email-sneaking versus private detectives. Just another family spat in the Ramsay-Hutcheson household, eh.

The letter comes as something of a rebuke to Hutcheson's accusations after being fired. He called Ramsay an egotistical 'monster' in an interview, saying he had become warped by the celebrity lifestyle. "I have dealt with his breakdowns for years," he said. "It is like a tsunami when he gets going. He is schizophrenic... sometimes he is calm and sometimes he is absolutely manic."

Hutcheson also suggested Ramsay could be a drug-user because of his mood swings. In yesterday's letter, Ramsay denied those claims, emotively citing his difficulties resulting from his brother's drug addiction in defence. Hutcheson also previously accused Ramsay of 'poisoning' his daughter Tana, Ramsay's wife, making her 'warped' against Hutcheson.

Tana's mother Greta, the addressee of Ramsay's letter, subsequently wrote to Tana telling her to stay away from the rest of the family - which is, apparently, what prompted Ramsay's oh-so-public correspondence.

Well, that and the fact it gives him a neat chance to sidestep the smears against him (drug-taking, maniacal and egotistical behaviour, etc etc).

We kind of can't help but feel, though, that all this really would be better done behind closed doors. Do any of these nasty snipes and dark allegations make us want to eat at a Ramsay restaurant, or give us renewed faith in the fired Hutcheson's business acumen? They do not. In fact, quite the reverse. They make us feel, well, a bit wrong. (The only person we have any sympathy for is poor Tana -  Lord knows she's going through with her husband and her father at loggerheads. And not long after Ramsay allegedly cheated on her, too.)

Airing your dirty laundry in public is about as unprofessional as it gets. It doesn't matter if you suspect your ex business partner of being a crazed drug fiend, or your old CEO of being a money-pinching liar. Keep schtum. You tarnish your own reputation every time you question theirs as publicly as this.

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